Yahoo! is placing its big bets on mobile being the internet’s future, particularly in Asia, as people ‘leapfrog’ into high speed mobile services without first experiencing desktops.

Thanks to the increasing sophistication of mobile software, plus higher data speeds and lower service/device costs, Asia’s number of mobile internet users has grown and will continue to grow dramatically. It now accounts for over a third of the world’s mobile internet users with¬†Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand and Vietnam leading the advance. India’s 550 million mobile devices far outnumber its 50 million desktop PCs.

Yahoo! Mobile has its eyes on the large young populations of India and Indonesia, among others. At the CommunicAsia 2010 event in Singapore this week it announced a new, low-cost mobile device offering fast access to a suite of Yahoo! services like messaging and mail. Last month they announced a strategic alliance with Nokia to provide access to maps and navigation services, and recently acquired Indonesia’s mobile focused social network Koprol.

There have been radical shifts in thinking towards mobile in the past two years, they said, and the company needs to get the attention of “tens and hundreds of millions of users” over the next few years.

source & article: Yahoo! Singapore