Yahoo! bets on youth, mobile internet in Indonesia

Internet behemoth Yahoo! has its eyes on Indonesia’s growing market. Acknowledged as Indonesia’s number one email provider, it recently acquired the popular Indonesian social network Koprol and will expand its youth-oriented services focusing on news and entertainment.

Yahoo’s most recent figures showed 26% growth year on year in the Asia-Pacific region, faster than its other world markets. Indonesia, it said, had a highly-sociable and mobile market well suited to its new offerings.

Indonesia’s younger population and preference for mobile internet access might be the boom Yahoo! is looking for.┬áThe company has, in recent times, been labeled by some in the media as an also-ran in the global internet game as Google continues to dominate and expand into new areas. Indonesia at present has relatively low percentage internet usage (15%, or 33 million users) compared to its neighbors in Southeast Asia. Yahoo! sees these seeming disadvantages as a golden opportunity, saying Indonesia’s youth, a wave of entrepreneurial activity and availability of new technologies will leverage both into positions of strength in future. Despite the lower overall figure, Indonesia actually has Asia’s highest rate of internet growth: usage increased by 1400% in the past 10 years.

source & article: The Jakarta Globe

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