What do you mean by “New Asianist”?

Essentially, a New Asianist is someone with an optimistic outlook and a passion for the prosperity of Asia. They can be of any age, ethnicity, educational background or nationality but share a vision of Asia improved by new ideas and united by purpose. A New Asianist believes that progress comes with freedom, both in ideas and economies, and works to apply these principles. Also, a New Asianist has eyes set firmly on the future.

The term “New Asianist” however, is broad and could mean many different things to many people. Your comments and ideas are more than welcome.

Why is the focus on South Eastern/tropical Asia? Aren’t bigger things happening in other parts of the continent?

The region is young, ripe for advancement and crawling with new ideas. For sure, the entire continent is capturing the world’s attention at the moment but there are already millions of words written on Asia’s larger and more powerful economies. There are also many places to read news on individual South East Asian countries. I wanted a place to gather an overview of news and issues from across the region in one place.

What are your favorite topics?

Innovation, business and economics, development, entrepreneurs, new technology, new ideas, freedom, and futurism.

  • Dr.Prashanth bagali
    #1 written by Dr.Prashanth bagali 7 years ago

    It’s a good website to get updates about ASEAN region, foreign investments and free trade developments in this region of Asia.
    Good work
    Dr.Prashanth Bagali,
    Geneflux Biosciences

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