From Business Times: Syria is looking for Malaysian private investment to play a major role in developing its infrastructure and transport networks. Recent reforms created public private partnerships (PPP) worth US$100 billion over the next five years, with $63 billion in investments available to the private sector.

Syria sees a close connection with Malaysia as one way to gain access to the Asean market, while Malaysia could form a base from which to export to Iraq, Europe and the Middle East. In particular, Syria is looking to develop a new industrial park with Malaysia in the east of the country, offering tax breaks for 10 years and 100% equity in business ownership. Malaysia has already secured RM447.53 million ($146.61 million) across two Syrian construction projects.

Malaysian contractors are increasingly in demand for major projects around the world, not only in the Asean region but further afield in India, Bosnia, China, Sudan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.