Singapore is building the world’s largest experimental power grid to meet the world’s complex future energy demands. The facility on Jurong Island and at Fusionopolis, built by A*STAR’s Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences (ICES) will perform research on ‘intelligent’ grids and distributed energy resources,¬†creating a power grid that can easily incorporate a number of different energy sources and switch between them easily as demanded. Using this technology, future grids may source their power from traditional fuels as well as newer methods like microgenerators, solar, fuel cells and electric/hybrid vehicles feeding energy back into the system.

The research will hopefully produce energy grids that run more efficienctly and offer greater choice and control for consumers. ICES hopes to have the facility up and running by Q1 2011, and is looking to sign up to 10 large companies as partners in the process.

source & part-article: Straits Times