Singapore Airlines (SIA) will give US$3 million to conserve Indonesia’s natural environment via the Harapan Rainforest Initiative.

Indonesia’s rainforests, home to endangered wildlife and major absorbers of carbon dioxide, have long fallen victim to illegal logging, poaching and forest fires. New government policies since 2004 have tried to crack down on deforestation and protect the livelihoods of people reliant on the forests, but enforcing the rules over such large areas remains a difficult task. SIA’s money will help employ locals to work on forest patrols, as well as contribute to other plant and wildlife preservation projects. Maintaining current projects costs around $2 million annually, so SIA’s pledge will be more than welcome.

What does all this have to do with Singapore or airlines? Haze from Indonesian forest fires can have a big impact on Singapore’s air quality and even Singapore Airlines’ daily operations, so the gesture is more than just symbolic. There are also plans to launch similar corporate/non-profit partnerships in areas like Fiji, Ecuador and the Philippines.

source & full article: Channel NewsAsia