The Prime Minister of Rwanda has praised Asia’s economic and technological achievements over the past 30 years, saying Africa has much to learn from its example while promoting his country as an attractive destination for Asian investors.

Prime Minister Bernard Makuza was speaking at the Global Business Leaders Forum (GLBF) in Kuala Lumpur, a Commonwealth business networking event bringing together over 300 business and government leaders to discuss new models and opportunities. Makuza also had private meetings with business leaders on the topic of investment in Rwanda, and with Malaysian PM Najib Razak to discuss ways the two countries may scale up cooperation in future.

Rwanda recently has made great strides in promoting its image as a place to do business and as a gateway to investment in the ‘frontier market’ of Africa. Reforms have seen the country rise on both the Doing Business and Transparency International Corruption-free rankings. It was recently approved to join the Commonwealth of Nations despite never having been part of the British Empire, and the government posts regularly on Twitter with announcements of its latest business initiatives.

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