Indonesia’s State Enterprises Ministry is looking for ways to speed up improvements to Jakarta’s main international airport, Soekarno-Hatta, which suffers from aging facilities and overcrowding. The best solution, it hinted, would be a joint venture between the current government-owned operator and the private sector, perhaps even a foreign company.

Government enterprise Angkasa Pura (separated into Parts I and II) manages all air traffic and airports in Indonesia. AP II operates western Indonesian airports including Soekarno Hatta International. Hari Susetyo, the Ministry’s deputy for transportation and logistics, said that while AP ii was capable of making the necessary improvements by itself, a joint venture would speed up the rehabilitation.

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Indonesia’s main gateway, opened in 1984 but has received criticism lately for being overcrowded and inadequate for the demands of Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Power outages and radar system crashes in recent years have led to disruptions and lengthy delays. Some are calling for the private sector to take complete control of the project.

Challenges facing those organizing improvements would be finding a local partner with the right expertise for the job, or finding an international operation which understand Indonesia’s needs. Angkasa Pura II is working on a feasibility study and blueprint for rehabilitation, along with investment guidelines for potential partners.

source & article: the Jakarta Globe