The Philippines has also realized its tourism potential far outweighs actual revenues, and has set a target to double tourist turnover within the next six years. Despite a plethora of beautiful locations, Philippines’ annual income from tourists is US$2.25 billion: an underachievement when compared to Thailand’s 2010 total of $13 billion. Philippines Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim said that, while other countries’ figures looked attractive, his country would aim for a different style of travel business. Mass-market tourism found elsewhere in Asia often damaged the environment and attracted lower-spending travelers, he added. Backpackers would still be welcome, but the Philippines would like to focus more on the ‘quality tourism’ market: those willing to spend bigger for more upmarket experiences. Nature, culture and even medical tourism were areas of potential.

All the natural attractions like white sandy beaches and exotic islands are there, as are under-used cultural artifacts. But to attract more quality travelers also means better air access, better quality hotels and improvements to local transport infrastructure, particularly taxis.

source & article: AFP via Yahoo! Philippines