Peugeot continues its surprising ascendancy in Malaysia, with the Malaysian Automobile Association ranking it the best selling European brand in the first quarter of 2011. Its 1,538 units sold were a huge 167% increase on sales for the same period last year.

Or maybe it’s not so surprising, given that Peugeot has made Malaysia its production hub for the right-hand drive market and manufactures all locally sold models at┬áNaza Automotive in Gurun, Kedah.

Nasim Sdn Bhd, Peugeot’s official Malaysian distributor since 2008, says it’s on target to sell 7,000 new vehicles by the end of the year, launching two new models to achieve that goal. Most popular current models are the mid-size 308 (588 units sold) and the 207 sedan (537 units). The company also announced it would open five new sales and service outlets to bring its total in Malaysia to 23.

Meanwhile, Naza Automotive will produce 60,000 units of an as-yet-unnamed new model between 2012 and 2016, 60% of which will be exported to right hand drive markets in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

source & article: The Edge Malaysia