The Indonesian Government launched a new initiative to promote entrepreneurship on Wednesday, saying the younger generation should “be able to create jobs rather than seek jobs”. The spirit of individual initiative through business was necessary to reduce unemployment and propel Indonesia into developed nationhood.

The new program is called the National Entrepreneurship Movement (GKN). Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Minister Sjarifuddin Hasan said his Ministry would work with state-owned enterprises, banks and communities to provide new opportunities, identify potential and improve access to funding. It will also provide showroom space in the Smesco Building for entrepreneurs to showcase their products while gaining marketing and networking skills.

The government has already supported a number of plans including scholarships, the Partnership and Environmental Development Program (PKBL), the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM Mandiri), and microcredit (KUR).

The Minister said Indonesia needed to increase its number of entrepreneurs, since only 0.24% of the population identified themselves as such. The GKN program sought to increase that number by 2% at the very least.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also attended Wednesday’s launch, and said “A businessman is someone who has ideas, is creative and innovative. He is brave enough to do something new and a risk-taker… to be an entrepreneur, one must actively work to develop one’s own life.”

source & article: Antara via the Indonesian Embassy, Washington DC