Malaysia and its New Economic Model (NEM) should leverage the country’s wide diversity in order to prosper, says CIMB Group CEO Nazir Razak. Companies like CIMB, YTL, Axiata and AirAsia show the business world already well understands the value of diversity, he says, noting its role in risk mitigation, improved customer relations and harnessing creativity and cultural adeptness to produce profits.

CIMB itself has benefited greatly from Malaysian diversity, growing from 1,000 to over 36,000 staff since 2005 and serving customers of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Over 20 different nationalities make up its workforce. According to Nazir, recognition of diversity’s worth in the NEM would see a new proliferation of effective transnational companies, including small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

source & full article: Bernama