This might be the first praise of Japanese corporate culture we’ve seen since the late 1980s: Singapore’s former PM and current Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew says his country does not yet have Japan’s “productivity culture”, but can make up for it in other ways.

In a conversation at the Singapore National Employers Federation summit, Mr. Lee suggested Japan’s legendary productivity was due to employees’ working at various levels and departments of their company, creating a deep understanding of the business and forming lifelong loyalties between companies and their workers.

Given that Japanese workers no longer enjoy guaranteed jobs for life and live in an economy under more analysis for its stagnation these days than rapid growth, its business culture may no longer be something to aspire to. But Mr. Lee said Japan’s boom period of the 80s was his inspiration in launching Singapore’s productivity drive at the same time, which is still “a work in progress”.

source & part-article: Straits Times