Japan has a lot to offer ASEAN in infrastructure investment, but more freedom of movement in both regions is needed to make it happen. The Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) Chairman Hiromasa Yonekura says his organization will ‘step up support’ for infrastructure investment and talent exchange, saying investments must be profitable and speculating on how Japanese investors might be persuaded to supply the massive sums of money required.

Yonekura suggested Japan join the Trans-Pacific Partnership to enable its workers to move more freely in other parts of Asia, and that Japan itself open its borders to more immigrant workers, to fill a shortfall in supply created by the country’s aging population.

The Japan Business Federation, known locally as Nippon Keidanren, is a powerful and influential federation of Japan’s business and economic organizations. Its mission is to build sustainable economies both in Japan and overseas through private enterprise.

source & article: Kyodo via Japantoday