The Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia, Masahiko Horie, has hinted in an interview that Malaysia is about to see an influx of investments from Japan, starting early 2011 and covering various sectors.

Unfortunately, Mr. Horie didn’t reveal any details on amounts or sectors, so Malaysians are left with just a teaser for now. But they would help “gear up Japan’s position” as Malaysia’s number one foreign investor, he said.

He mentioned some other interesting points about the economic relationship between the two countries, such as:

- Trade between Japan and Malaysia reached RM100 billion (US$31.86 billion) in 2009.

- Malaysia has been the top destination for Japanese retirees under the Malaysia My Second Home program since 2006, ahead of places like Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and Canada. That number is still increasing.

- 400,000 Japanese nationals visited Malaysia last year, 40% of them were tourists.

Horie said Japanese investors and travelers alike were attracted to Malaysia for its climate, culture, political and social stability, and proximity to Japan. Interest in Malaysia will most likely increase in the near future, thanks to AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines introducing new services between the two countries. Flights will operate from Tokyo’s brand new, and far more accessible, international terminal at Haneda Airport.

source & article: Business Times