More good news for travelers based in Japan (including us here at NewAsianist): Japan is about to begin talks on new ‘open skies’ agreements with South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore to further liberalize air travel with the rest of Asia.

Negotiations with South Korea begin next week, with Singapore in January 2011 and Malaysia next February, with a view to completing the agreements by March 2012. Once signed, the agreements should provide much-needed airline competition and cost benefits especially to travelers flying in and out of Tokyo.

Open skies agreements give airlines more freedom to determine schedules and flight paths between signatory countries. In fact, Japan already has open skies agreements with 10 countries/regions including these three. But the agreements exclude Tokyo’s main international airport at Narita and the newer, closer international terminal at Haneda. The new negotiations unfortunately include only Narita, given Haneda’s smaller size and capacity. Japan signed a full open skies agreement, including all airports, with the United States in October.

source & article: AFP via Yahoo! Singapore