Indonesia’s capital will build elevated roadways to solve its chronic traffic congestion, says the city’s Governor Fauzi Bowo.

Although 890 new motorbikes and 240 new cars are registered with the police every day (an 11% annual increase), new roads are only being built at 0.01% a year. Since the government could not stop people purchasing new vehicles, Fauzi said, the best solution was to build more roads above the city.

The planned sections would be 12 meters above the ground and 9 meters wide, would be paid for from the regional budget and would not require any aquisition of new land. The first phase, about 5.5km long, has an estimated budget of Rp 1.3 trillion (US$145 million). Another 3.5km section would cost Rp 800 billion ($87 million).

While many agree the new roads were desperately needed, some have said that Jakarta’s traffic problem cannot be solved without improvements to public transport and better integration to offer commuters more options. The Governor seemed to agree, promising the government would “try to improve” the city’s public transportation.