Indonesia’s stock market has outperformed all others in Southeast Asia and most of Asia this past year, leading to a dramatic increase in the wealth of Indonesia’s richest. Forbes Asia has released a list showing their combined wealth has increased from US$42 billion last year to $71 billion today. And whereas only 12 on last year’s list were billionaires, that number has grown to over half the Top 40.

Hanging on to top spot with $11 billion are clove-cigarette makers turned bankers the Hartono Brothers of Bank Central Asia. The biggest dollar gainer is number two Susilo Wonowidjojo (also in the clove cigarette business) who went from $2.6 billion to $8 billion. And although the threshold for inclusion on the Top 40 this year was a paltry $455 million, that’s still quite an advance on last year’s $240 million and 2008′s $55 million minimums.

While cigarettes might seem to be the golden goose in Indonesia, 16 of the 21 billionaires got wealthy in palm oil and coal. Five coal industry figures are debuting on the list this year.

source & article: Forbes Asia