Here’s a great video, made by a group of students at Singapore Management University (SMU), on why Indonesia is “the next big thing in digital media”. Put simply, Indonesia’s highly sociable culture and huge population are a perfect match for an internet where interactivity and crowdsourcing rule the day. Advertising and e-commerce revenues are set to soar with online traffic coming mainly from internet cafes and mobile devices, particularly the Blackberry. Mobile penetration is set to hit 97.8% by the end of this year.

Check out the video to see the stats and the group’s five main Indonesian digital media trends to follow:

Indonesia is already the world’s second largest country on Facebook (35.4 million users), the fourth largest on Twitter, and 33% of the country’s internet users are also bloggers. It is also home to major startups Koprol (social networking) and Tokopedia (online marketplace), with other up and comers already getting attention overseas.

source & details: SMU wiki