FedEx has chosen Singapore’s Changi Airport for a 282,700 sq foot Regional Hub, the second-largest facility of its type in the Asia-Pacific region. Scheduled for completion in 2012, it will bring Singapore’s FedEx delivery, pick-up and air operations all under the one roof. Singapore, the company said, was chosen for its access to global markets, central location, and aspiration to be a leading regional air cargo hub.

The FedEx facility will form part of Changi airport’s Air Cargo Express (ACE) hub, inside Singapore’s Airport Logistics Park and Changi’s Free Trade Zone. It will be equipped to handle more than 9,000 packages per hour with a 5-belt sorting system and has parking bays to house 250 delivery vans and two aircraft. Singapore Customs and the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority will also have a facility on-site to streamline cargo clearance.

source & article: AsiaOne Business