Congratulations if you happen to be a new graduate or job hunter in Malaysia this year: the growing economy has left employers struggling to fill all vacancies with quality talent, according to a new survey by global HR services firm Randstad.

There will be particular demand in the fields of IT, oil & gas, banking & finance and other services as over a quarter of responding employees say they’ll have difficulty recruiting enough talent and over a fifth plan to engage in extra headhunting activities in 2011. Even a fifth say the skill shortages are not due to economic gains, but have always existed in Malaysia.

Growth in demand for engineering talent in the energy industry and computer programming could see local companies competing with overseas recruiters for Malaysian talent, and the country’s regions could also end up competing on salary as employees felt freer to look around for jobs. Companies would also need to take extra measures against talent poaching and find ways to maintain staff loyalty.

source & article: Business Times