Two essential economic confidence indicators are fueling Singapore’s optimistic mood: the city-state is Asia’s second most confident about short-term employment prospects, and its consumer confidence is among the world’s top 10. Market research firm Neilsen’s Global Consumer Confidence Index showed that 83% of Singaporeans are confident about their job prospects over the next 12 months, and consumer confidence is close to 2007′s record high.

The results look nice for working Asian consumers all round. Six of the world’s top ten most economically optimistic countries are in Asia and the top three were among its largest ‘emergers’: India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Singapore’s growth doesn’t seem to be causing recklessness (yet), with 70% saying they plan to save their money once essential living costs are covered. Work-life balance remains important. Oddly, 17% of Singaporeans still think their country is in a recession, though this number has fallen from the 28% of the previous survey and is the lowest in the Asia-Pacific region.

data & articles: Channel NewsAsia