Malaysia’s Terangganu State says the east coast is ripe for investment in Eco and Sports Tourism. Terangganu’s Executive Councillor Toh Chin Yaw said the state, along with fellow east-coasters Kelantan and Pahang, offered a vast range of natural attractions like unspoiled islands, beaches and rainforests along with man-made facilities like Terangganu’s endurance sports park.

Terangganu, famous for agriculture and more recently oil and gas development, is looking to develop other aspects of its economy and has begun to host international sports events to showcase its other attractions, especially in the rapidly growing eco-tourism industry.

Toh made his comments while on an investment mission to Xianen, representing Terengganu in the East Coast Economic Region Development Council at the 14th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT 2010). He said the response from Chinese investors and government officials was positive.

source & article: Bernama