Brunei Week at AJC

The ASEAN-Japan Centre in Tokyo runs frequent Southeast Asian showcase events throughout the year and this week they’re introducing locals to ‘Peaceful Brunei’. Brunei Darussalam has plenty of economic clout in the resources sector, its Sultan is famous for being one of the world’s wealthiest men and the Brunei Halal brand is famous throughout the Muslim world for its quality and standards.

The country probably isn’t on the radar for most Japanese tourists, though, and two representatives from Brunei’s travel industry sought to win them over at a seminar earlier today. Japanese tourists like their destinations safe, healthy and clean: Brunei is all those things. Japanese tourists are very interested in nature and food: Brunei has great examples of both. Japanese tourists love to drink: sorry, you can’t buy alcohol in Brunei but BYO (bring-your-own) is allowed and tourists will be fine. Any mention of golf will turn heads in Japan and Brunei has plenty of great golf courses. Yes, Brunei is affordable and yes, there is plenty to see and do.

Ulu-Ulu resort

Ulu-ulu Resort is an eco-tourism destination located in Brunei’s Ulu Temburong National Park. While visitors are promised luxury surroundings once they arrive, access to the resort is only by a longboat trip up the river and deep into the rainforest. There are no TVs or mobile phone coverage, in keeping with the resort’s philosophy that electronic devices “stop people talking to each other”. Facilities are designed to encourage face to face communication, between families and other guests. Jungle attractions include day and night treks, river walks, a waterfall and pool full of ‘doctor fish’ to nibble your feet, and plenty of local wildlife.

*images courtesy of Ulu-Ulu Resort

The AJC’s Brunei Darussalam Week also had displays by Freme Travel Services, a selection of quality household goods and clothes from Muhammad Mustaqim Enterprise, and both packaged and fresh local food. Brunei’s new trade portal, was also there to introduce investors to its Brunei business matching system (more on this service to follow soon).

Brunei Halal

Brunei Halal brand food products

Brunei Week at AJC