Indonesia is the best place in the world for an entrepreneur to start a business, says a survey by the BBC’s Extreme World series. The US, Canada, India and Australia were next on the list.

Having Indonesia at the top of the list might surprise a few people from outside the region, given that Indonesia rarely appears in the top ten of most ease-of-business or economic freedom lists. The BBC’s research, however, focused not on economic conditions, statistics ¬†or government regulation but instead on cultural perceptions: how much innovation and the startup spirit were seen to be valued in each society, plus entrepreneurs’ own impressions of how easy it was to turn their ideas into a viable business.

Results tended to match a country’s international image, with Colombia, Italy, Egypt and Turkey ranking near the bottom. Among the survey’s surprises, though, was China ranking closer to India and Nigeria, both of which are seen as entrepreneur-friendly by their own people.

source & article: BBC