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Southeast Asia is where it’s happening, and NewAsianist is a news primer on the region’s most interesting industries and economic developments. While we’re interested in all stories from tropical Asia, the main focus for the moment is on Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Each offers its own unique strengths. Indonesia is a huge market of 230 million people, the largest economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and is rich in opportunity and natural resources. Malaysia is rapidly transforming from emerging to developed economy status through technology, manufacturing and research. It is the world center for the growing Islamic finance sector. Singapore is becoming a sophisticated world leader in almost all its key industries, from scientific research to technology and financial services. ASEAN itself is becoming an economic hotbed in its own right as its member countries integrate further, with plans for a common market sometime in the next decade.

Increasingly, the world’s attention is turning towards this region to look for opportunities. NewAsianist looks for stories on the people and companies making it happen.

If you have any story requests or suggestions, please feel free to send them here. Also, check out our blog on entrepreneurial activity: New Asian Innovators.

  • Dr.Bagali
    #1 written by Dr.Bagali 7 years ago

    Articles are very good and gives a comprehensive over view of business opportunities in the ASEAN region.

    Good luck


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