Globe Asia magazine’s 2010 Rich List notes the total net worth of Indonesia’s 150 Wealthiest Individuals stands at US$61.5 billion, a 22% increase on 2009. Contributing factors, which the Jakarta Globe calls a ‘perfect storm‘ for wealth creation, were strong economic fundamentals seeing the country through the global financial crisis and a stockmarket that has been outperforming all others in the region.

Add to this Indonesia’s political stability, over 5% economic growth per year, a recent spate of new IPOs and high liquidity providing easy access to finance, and things are ripe for business owners to take full advantage. Local tycoons have indeed done that with mergers and acquisitions that will only increase in number should the Indonesian economy continue to grow.

The average individual net worth of people on Globe Asia’s list was $400 million.

article with full (Indonesian) list: the Jakarta Globe